What’s next?

Policy Tracker was developed with far-reaching ambitions. We have a long list of planned features that will transform how the our content can be used and shared.

Here is a summary of our current priorities:

  1. Improve recommendations DONE
    Improve our ‘Get Involved’ section (on the policy pages) so we can tailor the services or resources we suggest for a particular category – or even for an individual policy. Here’s an example.
  2. Create new cross-cutting categories
    New categories or groupings, collating all policies that are relevant to specific groups, focussing on those who are currently the least represented. We’re be kicking this off with a new ‘Youth’ category. This work is fundamental to the purpose of this site, for which we will require longer term funding.
  3. Publish an API service
    This will allow other sites to publish content from Policy Tracker. This could be likely be rolled out along with the new ‘youth’ category (see #1 above).
  4. Revisit the status options
    Our four current status options (Not started, In progress, Done, or Broken) keep the site simple and easy to understand. But we need to be able to recognise different types of promises, and provide more detail on the very broad ‘in progress’ status. To help, we’d like to draw on some of the great academic research in this area.
  5. Link policies that are related
    This will help when users have an area of interest. We’ll automatically show the status of the related policies, as well as linking to them.

If you have any other features you’d like to see, or if you have any comments about our current priorities, please get in touch.