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‘Deliver a strong economy’: in detail

12 Nov 2019

How we formulated our assessment of this complex policy.

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Policies we’re still adding…

11 Jul 2019

There are 694 promises in the 2017 Conservative manifesto. A few are still being added…

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Join our community of policy trackers!

24 Feb 2019

Policy Tracker is open to everyone! It’s interesting and rewarding work, so sign up today to join the community.

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Open source code for policy trackers worldwide

2 Dec 2018

Policy trackers (also called ‘manifesto trackers’ or ‘promise trackers’) are an essential resource in any democracy – yet there are very few of them worldwide. That’s why we are making our website code available for anyone that want’s to use it. Our code is already being put to use by non-partisan organisations in Africa and […]

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