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Policy Tracker tracks the progress of every promise in the government’s manifesto. We write simple explanations of each promise, and give evidence of what’s happened so far. We also offer our readers interesting ways to get more involved in each subject – whether they are for, against, or just curious.

We’re completely independent and non-partisan, so this isn’t about promoting one party or policy over another. It’s about finding new ways to make politics interesting – and fairer. Democracy is only democracy when everyone can get involved.

It’s the only resource of its kind in the UK or Europe, and there are only two others worldwide (one in Canada, one in the USA).

This is an essential – but missing – piece in our democracy. It’s already proving to be invaluable in helping people people engage with politics, and get more involved with the issues they care about.

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We need skilled writers, researchers or editors with a passion for bringing politics back to the people it is here to serve.

It’s not easy work – there are lots of policies to keep up to date, and the promises made aren’t always easy to measure! Our aim therefore is to be consistent and fair in how we approach each policy. If you haven’t already, read our Writing Style Guide for a detailed understanding how we work.

How we work

We do everything online, so your location doesn’t matter, and you have complete flexibility with time. We have an online editorial process, along with documentation and guidance on how we write and collaborate. You’ll be given lots of support on getting started, and there’s plenty of discussion and sharing of tracking tactics too. You don’t need technical skills.

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