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Make partnerships and combined authorities co-ordinate local industrial strategies

Last updated: 06:14pm 21 November 2019

We will make each partnership and combined authority responsible for co-ordinating their own local industrial strategy in alignment with our national industrial strategy, bringing together local businesses, political and public sector leaders to drive growth and economic regeneration.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.24

Our verdict

According to the House of Commons Library, an “industrial strategy” is “an approach to coordinating a wide range of economic policies to achieve particular objectives, which need not be purely economic”. The government is moving these planning functions to local authorities to drive growth. This is a pledge make each local partnership and combined authority responsible for co-ordinating their own local industrial strategy.

In its Local Industrial Strategies policy prospectus published in October 2018, the government stated:

“Agreeing a Local Industrial Strategy for their area with government will be a necessary condition for Mayoral Combined Authorities and Local Enterprise Partnerships to draw down any future local growth funding.”

Following this, in December 2018, the government published summaries for 41 areas which are planned to have local industrial strategies. The strategies are being developed by mayoral combined authorities and local economic partnerships. However, at the end of the government’s term of office, there were only a handful of the 41 expected local plans in place.

By making funding dependent on agreeing a local industrial strategy, the government has taken steps to make partnerships and combined authorities responsible for their co-ordination. However, with only a few strategies in place, it’s too soon to say this promise has been kept. We’d need to see all the strategies up and running, or evidence of funding withheld in the absence of strategies, before we could say this policy had been effectively implemented. This remains ‘in progress’.

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