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Bear down on immigration from outside the European Union

Last updated: 06:55pm 4 May 2019

We will, therefore, continue to bear down on immigration from outside the European Union.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.54

Our verdict

Before we start, the difficulty here is the use of the phrase “bear down”. Our interpretation, given the definition of “bear down”, is that it means an increase in pressure being exerted on non-EU immigration. That means doing something more than just continuing with whatever is in place.

So what is in place? Well, while the government has increased the number of Tier 1 visas available, they have continued to cap Tier 2 (general) visas at 20,700 a year. The Tier 2 visa is for people coming from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) who have already been offered a skilled job. The cap was introduced in 2010, and has been maintained each year by this government.

There have been no further announcements from the government about additional measures to counter non-EU immigration, so we will mark this policy as ‘not started’. Standby for further updates!

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