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Bolster the response to cyber threats

Last updated: 08:48am 30 January 2019

And we will bolster the response to cyber threats on private businesses, public services, critical national infrastructure, and individuals, working with the National Cyber Security Centre to prevent attacks wherever possible and with the police and international law enforcement agencies to ensure perpetrators are brought to justice.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.44

Our verdict

With growing numbers of people regularly using the internet, and online operations becoming increasingly crucial in both the public and private sectors, a new set of challenges has arisen around mitigating and responding to cyber threats, such as that which came to light during the WannaCry cyber attack in May 2017.

This policy promises to bolster the government’s response, prevent attacks and bring perpetrators to justice.

Four related policies can help us assess the status of this one:

We’ve rated the promise of investment as ‘done’ and the other three are ‘in progress’. Between them, those policies cover most of the areas relevant to this policy. Assessing the promise “to ensure perpetrators are brought to justice” is challenging, as official data is not currently collated in a way that enables a quantitative judgement to be reached.

Based on our verdicts for the four related policies, we deem this one to be ‘in progress’.  If all the others move to ‘done’, then this probably will too, although we’ll need to consult with independent organisations about that promise to bring perpetrators to justice. Follow this policy for updates.

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