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Bring forward a Borderlands Growth Deal

Last updated: 01:47pm 23 September 2019

Building on the City and Growth deals we have signed across Scotland, we will bring forward a Borderlands Growth Deal, including all councils on both sides of the border, to help secure prosperity in southern Scotland.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.33

Our verdict

The Borderlands region is a rural area comprising five local authorities at the border between southern Scotland and northern England. It presents specific challenges hindering economic development, including a low rate of business creation and a population which is older than the UK and Scottish average. In 2014, the councils joined forces to create the Borderlands Partnership, which sought to develop a strategic vision for the area. This is a pledge to bring forward a deal to support inclusive economic development in the councils at the Anglo-Scottish border.

On July 1st,  2019, the government published the Borderland Inclusive Growth Deal for the Borderlands, announcing that £394.5 million will be invested in the five local authorities on both sides of the border to enhance the region’s economic development. Projects include a world class mountain bike innovation centre, the development of the Lilidorei play village at Alnwick Gardens and infrastructural improvements. According to the Borderlands Partnership, this will help generate around 5,500 jobs.

The government has “brought forward” a deal to support economic development in the Borderlands region, so we consider this policy ‘done’.

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