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Continue investment in capital and infrastructure projects in Scotland

Last updated: 03:12pm 25 September 2019

We will continue our investment in capital and infrastructure projects in Scotland.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.33

Our verdict

Infrastructure projects in Scotland are financed by the Scottish government, private companies, and the UK government. This is a promise by the UK government to “continue” investment in capital and infrastructure projects in Scotland. No specific sum is promised.

The main mechanisms through which the UK government invests in these projects are City Region Deals and Growth Deals, “agreements between the UK government, Scottish government and local partners that invest in cities and economically linked regions of Scotland”.

Since the election, in 2018 the Stirling and Clackmannanshire City Region Deal was reached. Also that year, the Tay Cities Region Deal was agreed, and the Edinburgh and South-East Scotland City Region Deal was signed, guaranteeing a further £300 million investment from the UK government.

According to the government’s website, through City Region Deals and Growth Deals:

“To date the UK government has committed almost £1.4 billion of investment…in Scotland”

The Scottish government’s Infrastructure Investment Plan progress report 2018-2019 points to infrastructure projects worth over £1.4 billion which opened to the public over that year, and “projects totalling almost £3.1 billion … in construction across Scotland during 2019-20”. The UK government plays a significant role in funding such activity, as shown in the Scottish government’s Expenditure and Revenue report which calculates UK government contributions to capital projects in Scotland.

The UK government has continued to provide investment as promised, so this policy can be marked ‘done’.

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