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Control EU immigration

Last updated: 02:30pm 14 October 2019

We will control immigration and secure the entitlements of EU nationals in Britain and British nationals in the EU.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.36

Our verdict

The context for this pledge is specifically around EU immigration and what will happen after Brexit, so that’s why this is in the Europe section (see the immigration category for more).

To measure this, we’ll be looking at figures on immigration (i.e. the number of people coming to the UK, not the net migration statistics) from EU countries after Brexit.

In June 2018, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) released figures showing that, for the first full year after the Brexit vote, the number of people from the EU moving to the UK was lower than it has been for four years. More recent ONS figures show the downward trend in EU immigration.

We’ll be comparing these figures with as they are updated each quarter, and comparing them from the time of our exit from the EU.

We’ll update this page when new figures are published, and when we know the conditions of our exit from the EU. For now we are marking this as ‘not started’. Follow this policy for updates.

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