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Create new schools maps

Last updated: 11:34am 11 January 2019

We will create new ‘schools maps’ to help parents choose the school that is right for their child, giving them key information about quality of teaching, attainment and the curriculum of local schools as they choose their school preferences to support their decisions.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.81

Our verdict

This policy arises from the manifesto commitment to improve “digital government and public services”, a broad ambition to make the way government uses digital technology more accessible, open and efficient.

As part of that, this policy promises assistance for parents trying to decide between schools for their children, pulling different sources of information together into new “schools maps”.

We found no announcement regarding “schools maps” since the last election. However, there is a government web page which can be used to generate a map of all the schools in an area, and it does provide lots of information to help compare schools to each other.

To access some of the information mentioned in the policy (specifically judgements on quality of teaching), it is still necessary to go to the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (Ofsted) report for an individual school, but those are available from the “schools maps” web page.

The banner on the web page says it is currently in “beta“. That means it is a new service which is being tested, basically another way of saying it’s ‘in progress’. We’ll check back to see when we can move this to ‘done’. Watch this space!

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