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Deliver security from terrorism and crime

Last updated: 04:57pm 8 December 2019

Theresa May’s Conservatives will deliver […] Security from crime and terrorism…

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.30

Our verdict

“Security from crime and terrorism” is a promise of pretty epic proportions. It’s also difficult to measure. Does delivering “security from” mean completely eradicating crime and terrorism? If so, it’s very unlikely to be delivered. But this may also mean “increasing security” from crime and terrorism to a significant degree – assuming enough people can agree on what that a “significant degree” is. Either way, it’s difficult. But this promise is one of the key “deliverables” in the opening of Section 2 of the manifesto – so we need to track it.

What’s most likely is that this promise is a summary of the many other promise made in Section 2 and throughout the manifesto. We’ll therefore be tracking this against related policies, the main policies focusing on prevention of crime, cyber crime, and also terrorism (see below). We’ll also be seeking clarification from the government, and other organisations in this field, as to the true scope of this promise and how we should therefore measure it.

Until we receive any further clarification, we’re marking this as ‘in progress’ based purely on the status of the related policies.

Related policies

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