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Deliver the reforms promised in our Housing White Paper

Last updated: 05:08pm 8 August 2018

We will deliver the reforms proposed in our Housing White Paper to free up more land for new homes in the right places, speed up build-out by encouraging modern methods of construction and give councils powers to intervene where developers do not act on their planning permissions;

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.70

Our verdict

This is a broad policy that refers to the government’s 2017 Housing White Paper, which laid out a series of planned reforms designed to ‘fix the broken housing market’ in England. Key reforms proposed in the paper were to speed up the process of house building, diversifying the housing market, helping people to buy their first home, helping long-term renters with stable and affordable tenancies, tackling empty homes and promoting fairness and transparency for leaseholders.

The list of reforms is pretty hefty and there’s a large amount of crossover between them and other housing policies that we’ve written about elsewhere on Policy Tracker. To get more detail about the progress of these reforms, have a look at the bottom of the page, where we’ve put a list of policies that relate to the reforms promised in the Housing White Paper.

How will we know when this policy is completed? When we’ve marked all of the policies relating to the Housing White Paper that this particular policy covers as completed. Until then, we’re marking it as ‘in progress’.

 Policies relating to reforms promised in the Housing White Paper:

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