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Diversify who builds homes in this country

Last updated: 08:35pm 19 July 2018

…and we will diversify who builds homes in this country.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.70

Our verdict

In this context, “diversify” is about making more sites available to small and medium sized housing developers. As of 2013, small and medium sized developers delivered less than 25% of all new dwellings in the UK, in contrast to 40% in 1995.

In the Housing White Paper, the government proposed to diversify by using the Accelerated Construction programme to partner with smaller building developers, and by helping small and medium sized developers to find loan support, as well as making smaller building sites available to developers. In its 2018 Spring Statement, the government also announced that it would be doubling the Housing Growth Partnership’s budget (an organisation which provides financial support to smaller house builders).

To mark this policy as done, we’ll be looking for a proven increase of the market share for small and medium sized housing developers. We’ll also be monitoring how the government goes about taking the actions it proposed in the Housing White Paper. Until then, it’s fair to say that the policy is ‘in progress’.

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