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Enshrine victims’ entitlements in law

Last updated: 02:25pm 15 December 2018

We will enshrine victims’ entitlements in law, making clear what level of service they should expect from the police, courts and criminal justice system.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.44

Our verdict

If you are victim of a crime in the UK, your rights are guaranteed by the Code of Practice for Victims of Crime, which came into effect in 2006. It sets out what each agency should do for you, and when they should do it. However, there have been recent calls to reform the code, that pledge being present in all major party manifestos at the 2015 general election. Groups such as Victim Support have argued that victims’ services are fragmented and variable in quality, which may discourage people from reporting an offence to the police.

This policy is a promise to legislate to ensure victims of crime receive the level of service they are entitled to.

On the 6th of July 2017,  the Victims of Crime Bill was formally presented to Parliament. It includes:

“new statutory rights and entitlements for victims of crime under the Code of Practice for Victims of Crime”

You can track the progress of the bill here.

This new legislation is still at the very early stages of its journey through Parliament, but nonetheless this policy is ‘in progress’. It will be ‘done’ when the Victims of Crime Bill comes into force, provided it clearly sets out and guarantees the services victims should expect from the various agencies. Follow this policy to stay informed.

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