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Ensure there are homes for all

Last updated: 08:23pm 19 July 2018

Homes for all, including a new generation of fixed-term council housing linked to a new Right to Buy.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.62

Our verdict

The government has made this pledge to sort out what it calls “our broken housing market“.  As part of the overall aim it has pledged to build “a new generation of fixed-term council housing”. By building more council houses, the government will help provide houses for poorer people in need of council housing – in other words, providing “homes for all”.

The latest figures estimate that as many as 1.2 million people across England are on council housing waiting lists. The government announced its plans to this end in October 2017, stating it would inject £2 billion into the construction of new council houses. It is expected that through this injection, as many as 25,000 extra council houses will be built, with the figure potentially rising as high as 60,000 if further private investment to the initiative can be attracted. It remains to be seen whether the government’s initiatives will be able to provide for all of the people on the waiting lists though.

The second part of the proposal revolves around the introduction of a “new Right to Buy” that will be linked to the newly-built council houses. The government has announced measures to expand the existing Right to Buy scheme, but for us to mark this part of the policy as ‘in progress’, we would expect to see some evidence of the government bringing in a new system, as opposed to amending the existing one.

On the whole, as the government has started implementing its plans “to build a new generation of fixed-term council housing”, this policy can be marked as ‘in progress’, even though it has yet to be linked to a new Right to Buy. Only once both parts are completed and the two are linked, will we be able to tick this one off as ‘done’.

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