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Ensure universities support academy or free schools if they hope to charge maximum tuition fees

Last updated: 08:50am 14 January 2019

We will make it a condition for universities hoping to charge maximum tuition fees to become involved in academy sponsorship or the founding of free schools

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.50

Our verdict

Maximum tuition fees for universities are £9,250. For universities charging this amount, the government wants to ensure they also support academies or free schools.

David Cameron’s Conservative government put an emphasis on boosting the number of academies, free schools and specialised schools, with the aim of converting all schools in England to academy status by 2022. Continuing the commitment of her predecessor, Theresa May wrote in March 2017 that her government’s Schools White Paper, including this policy promise linking maximum university tuition fees with support for academies and free schools, would be published a few weeks later.

However, since the election in June 2017, the government has neither launched the legislative process to fulfil this pledge, nor published their White Paper.

As a result, we classify this policy as ‘not started’. It will be ‘in progress’ once there is a clear process in place which describes when and how the promise will be fulfilled. Follow this policy for updates!

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