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Brexit and Europe Brexit and Europe

Ensure we have control over our laws

Last updated: 02:21pm 14 October 2019

We will make sure we have certainty and clarity over our future, control of our own laws, and a more unified, strengthened United Kingdom.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.36

Our verdict

When we talk about control over our laws after we leave the EU, we’re basically talking about the EU (Withdrawal) Bill. The role of the ‘EU (Withdrawal) Bill’ is to remove sovereignty of EU laws over UK law, convert EU laws over to the UK, and transfer powers from EU institutions to UK ones.

The government has described the Bill as “designed to ensure that the UK exits the EU with maximum certainty, continuity and control”. The Bill has been passed (agreed), but the degree to which we have control of our laws will also be influenced by the terms under which we leave the EU.

So far, we know the deal that was agreed in November 2018 has been rejected (three times) by Parliament. So we don’t have a deal. As things stand now, we’ll either leave the EU on October 31st with a new deal, or a further extension will be requested to give more time to consider our options (quite probably a general election being one of those options).

This policy is therefore ‘in progress’. Once we know the conditions for leaving the EU, we can give a final verdict. Follow this policy for updates.

Control over the facts

There's always room for debate

We’re serious about providing clear, up-to-date, non-partisan information. We focus on being consistent and fair in how we reach our verdicts, and always explain our reasoning. But there is always room for debate. So if you see it differently, we’d love you to tell us why. Or even better, submit an edit.