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Establish a Commission for Countering Extremism

Last updated: 12:06pm 15 December 2018

And we will establish a Commission for Countering Extremism to identify examples of extremism and expose them, to support the public sector and civil society, and help the government to identify policies to defeat extremism and promote pluralistic values.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.55

Our verdict

2017 was a year in which a series of terror-related incidents occurred and gained widespread coverage.  In response to the increased threat of terror attacks, ahead of the 2017 election both Labour and the Conservatives outlined measures to increase protection for the public.  Theresa May said:

“Our enjoyment of Britain’s diversity must not prevent us from confronting the menace of extremism…”

This policy is a pledge to establish a Commission for Countering Extremism (CCE) to help confront that menace.

The CCE, headed by the Lead Commissioner, Sara Khan, was formally established in March 2018, with its purpose, priorities and accountabilities laid out in the Charter for the Commission for Countering Extremism. According to this Charter, the CCE works to “support the government, the public sector, civil and wider society and families to identify and challenge all forms of extremism”.

The CCE is well and truly up and running, launching a major period of evidence gathering in July 2018 to conduct a full study of the state of extremism in the UK.  It is clear that the promise to establish the CCE has been fulfilled so this policy can be ticked off as ‘done’.

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