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Establish an EU immigration policy to reduce and control immigration while attracting skilled workers

Last updated: 11:23am 12 July 2018

We will therefore establish an immigration policy that allows us to reduce and control the number of people who come to Britain from the European Union, while still allowing us to attract the skilled workers our economy needs.
Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.55

Our verdict

This policy has two areas; to establish an immigration policy, and to reduce and control numbers. Once a new immigration policy has been set out, we can assess its completion based on whether EU migration numbers have been reduced and controlled.

The government’s plans have not been finalised as the Brexit negotiations are ongoing. However, in September 2017, a copy of the government’s proposed plans in relation to post-Brexit EU immigration was leaked to the press. The proposals look to drive down low-skilled immigration from EU countries. They also look to gradually phase in a new post-Brexit immigration system that will end the right to settle in Britain for most European migrants, whilst also placing tougher restrictions on their rights to bring in family members with them.

The leaked document shows evidence that the government is working towards achieving this policy. However, because it is not an official government release (it was leaked) we can’t take it as confirmation of official action. When there is official government documentation to refer to we will move this to ‘in progress’, but until then it remains ‘not started’.

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