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Establish an industrial energy efficiency scheme

Last updated: 09:13am 15 January 2019

And because for British companies, an energy-efficient business is a more competitive business, we will establish an industrial energy efficiency scheme to help large companies install measures to cut their energy use and their bills.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.22

Our verdict

Businesses and industries emit 25% of total UK greenhouse gases, and account for about 32% of total energy consumption. According to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), investment in cost-effective energy efficiency technologies, such as insulation, smart energy controls and energy management systems, could save the sector up to £6 billion by 2030 and contribute to national and international commitments to tackle climate change. So, the government pledged to set up an “industrial energy efficiency scheme” (IEES), to encourage large companies to invest in energy efficiency.

In October 2017, BEIS published the Clean Growth Strategy, confirming the government’s commitment to the IEES. In July 2018, this policy was listed in the “call for evidence” on businesses’ energy efficiency, in which BEIS outlines that it is “considering how best to deliver the government’s commitment to an Industrial Energy Efficiency Scheme”.

The IEES is currently under BEIS consideration (the consultation closed in September 2018 and feedback is being analysed), so we will define this policy as ‘in progress’. It will be ‘done’ when the scheme is formalised and implemented. Follow this policy for updates.

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