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Fix the dysfunctional housing market

Last updated: 08:14pm 1 June 2019

We will fix the dysfunctional housing market so that housing is more affordable and people have the security they need to plan for the future. 

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.70

Our verdict

This is a pretty broad policy, with the word “fix” being unhelpfully vague, so we’ll be focusing on how  “fix” is defined in the context of the pledge, where it is used to mean making housing more affordable and giving people more security regarding housing.

The government has laid out a variety of schemes and measures to make housing more affordable. These include redefining what “affordable housing” is and introducing a definition of “affordable rented private housing”, and subsequently telling local authorities that at least 10% of all homes in their area must fit the official definition of “affordable”. For renters, the good news is that the ban on letting fees came into effect on 1st June 2019 to increase transparency and reduce costs (collectively amounting to £13m per month for private renters, according to Citizens Advice). 

We’re marking this policy as ‘in progress’, as clearly work is being done – whether proposals or actual legislation being passed. To mark this policy as ‘done’ we’ll also be looking for legislation that makes housing more affordable and that ensures that both renters and homeowners are able to live more securely. 

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