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Fund schemes to recruit older professionals from other sectors

Last updated: 10:44am 1 October 2019

We will provide seed funding for similar schemes to recruit older professionals from other sectors, including those returning to the workplace having cared for children and relatives and those approaching retirement.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.43

Our verdict

According to an independent report published in 2015, by the year 2022:

“the number of people in the workforce aged 50 to State Pension age will have risen to 13.8 million and the number aged 16-49 will have reduced by 700,000.”

The workforce ecosystem needs to adapt to these changing demographics, and better facilitate the employability of older workers. This is a promise to respond to these changes by providing funding to schemes aimed at recruiting older professionals.

The government’s guidance for help and support for older workers provides information for those looking to employ older workers, and for people working past 50. Further documentation is available from February 2017 (before this government’s term of office) which encourages businesses to “retain, retrain and recruit” older workers.

There was some “seed money”, £5 million, provided in the Spring Budget 2017, for helping people return to work after a break. Later, in August 2017, the government announced the launch of new “career break returner programmes”, but on close inspection these appear to be the same schemes, funded by the same £5 million announced previously with the Spring Budget, so the current government cannot take the credit.

Currently, we can find no evidence of funding being made available under this government. We’ll keep tracking progress, but for now this is ‘not started’. Follow this policy for updates.

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