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Give British overseas electors votes for life

Last updated: 10:06am 27 September 2019

We will legislate for votes for life for British overseas electors.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.42

Our verdict

Delivering “votes for life” in this context requires removing the current rule that means British citizens abroad are only eligible to vote for 15 years after the date at which they were last registered to vote in the UK. This is actually a continuation of a 2015 Conservative Party manifesto commitment.

The Overseas Electors Bill was introduced in July 2017 and is designed to bring about votes for life. The bill reached the committee stage in the House of Commons but consideration was adjourned in March 2019 and has not yet resumed. This is a promise to “legislate” for votes for life – as the legislative process is ongoing, we are marking this as ‘in progress’. Follow this policy for updates.


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