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Give greater flexibility to housing associations to increase their housing stock

Last updated: 09:18pm 19 July 2018

We will also give greater flexibility to housing associations to increase their housing stock, building on their considerable track record in recent years.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.71

Our verdict

Housing associations are private, non-profit organisations that provide low-cost social housing. Any surplus they make is used to finance the planning and construction of new housing and goes towards the maintenance of existing homes under their management. Although they are independent, they are often regulated by the state and receive public funding.

Housing associations are currently subject to strict economic regulation by the state in order to ensure their financial viability and their good governance, as they are crucial providers of housing in the UK. What therefore seems to be implied in this policy is the loosening of these regulations, which, in the process of maintaining viability, may also restrict the number of houses that housing associations are allowed to build.

However, nothing has been done yet to move in this direction of loosening regulation (indeed, a new Value for Money standard could be said to have tightened regulation, having the opposite effect) so we are marking this policy as ‘not started’. In order to move it to the status of ‘in progress’, we will be looking out, for example, for the commissioning of a report or the publication of a consultation on the matter.  Watch this space!

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