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Help Britain’s police forces and prosecutorial services to fight crime

Last updated: 12:03pm 31 January 2019

We will help Britain’s world-leading police forces and prosecutorial services to fight crime, protect the public and provide security for businesses.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.44

Our verdict

The wording of this promise is pretty broad, and if you read page 44 of the manifesto you’ll see it’s the opening sentence of a section titled “Strengthening the police and security services”. What then follows is a list of nine specific actions the government intends to adopt in order to achieve it. So, similar to the Deliver security from terrorism and crime policy, we’re considering this an “umbrella promise” – meaning it is made up of other more targeted promises.

It’s worth noting there is a degree of subjectivity to the word “help” that we have to take into account. For example, even if all the related policies were achieved, could it be possible that the police forces and prosecutorial services don’t feel “helped” in their work of fighting crime, protecting the public and providing security for businesses?

What’s more, it’s also possible that this ambition does get achieved yet without the government delivering any of the nine related policies – i.e. the government achieves it by doing something else.

We’re going to need to gather opinions from several organisations closer to this subject than we are in order to give you the full, balanced picture. This is complex and open to various interpretations.

Until then, given that some of the related policies are ‘in progress’ or ‘done’, we can say this is overall ‘in progress’. The really interesting analysis will come when we get opinion from other organisations as to their perceived effectiveness of these measures. Follow this policy to be the first to hear.

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