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Help councils who build high-quality, sustainable and integrated communities

Last updated: 01:14pm 20 July 2018

So we will help councils to build, but only those councils who will build high-quality, sustainable and integrated communities.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.71

Our verdict

This policy is an incentive given to councils to encourage them to build integrated communities.

Since 2016, the government has been allocating the Controlling Migration Fund (CMF) to local authorities to help them integrate recent migrants into communities. After awarding £15 million and then £18 million cash boosts in 2017 for this purpose, it announced a further £19 million on 8th June 2018.

As the 2018 Integrated Communities Strategy Green Paper suggests, this fund is experimental and flexible, as it operates to help understand what strategies work best to integrate communities. In addition, central government encourages councils to set up planning, language courses and economic support that will give equal opportunities to everyone in their communities.

The goal of helping councils integrate communities is being dealt with by the government – it has set high objectives, initiated multiple strategies and awarded funds including the CMF. Nonetheless, we have not found evidence of assistance with house building being provided as a reward to councils for good work in integrating communities, as the manifesto suggests will be the case. So this policy is ‘in progress’.  We will keep monitoring and see what changes.

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