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Increase the Immigration Health Surcharge

Last updated: 12:37pm 12 July 2018

And we will increase the Immigration Health Surcharge, to £600 for migrant workers and £450 for international students, to cover their use of the NHS.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.67

Our verdict

The Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) was introduced back in April 2015 as a compulsory charge for those applying for immigration permission from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) for more than six months at the point of submitting their applications. It entitles them, as a result, to free healthcare under the National Health Service (NHS).

In February 2018, the government unveiled its plan to double the surcharge main rate from £200 to £400 and the discounted rate for students up from £150 to £300. The government estimates that this increase may raise an extra £220 million a year for the NHS.

We’ve therefore classified this pledge as ‘in progress’ as the government has announced changes since it came into power that will increase the surcharge, albeit not yet to the numerical targets mentioned in this pledge. Once the government raises the surcharge values to £600 for migrant workers and £450 for international students, then this policy will be able to be noted as ‘done’.

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