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Introduce dedicated support for new teachers to help them throughout their careers

Last updated: 12:50pm 10 January 2019

To help new teachers remain in the profession, we will offer forgiveness on student loan repayments while they are teaching and bring in dedicated support to help them throughout their careers.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.51

Our verdict

In 2017, the rates of teachers entering and leaving the profession were identical.  Meanwhile, secondary school pupil numbers continue to increase, and are expected to rise by 19% over the next eight years. This means bigger classes and pressured schedules, which are feeding into teachers’ burnout and low levels of job satisfaction. As part of a broader teacher retention strategy, the government pledged to introduce dedicated career support for new teachers.

In December 2017, the Department for Education launched a consultation to investigate, among other areas, career progression and support for teachers at the beginning of their careers. The government published its response to this consultation in May 2018, stating that it will extend the induction period for new teachers, introduce early career mentoring and support, develop new professional qualifications and evaluate how to extend access to continuing professional development.

The government responded to the consultation by providing clear indications about what the dedicated support for new teachers will involve. So, this policy is ‘in progress’. It’s worth noting that in May 2018 the government said its main job over the subsequent six months would be to “publish details about the Early Career Framework” to support new teachers. At the time of writing, eight months later, we can find no evidence of that having happened.

We will track the implementation of the measures outlined in the government’s consultation response, and call this ‘done’ when they are implemented at national level. Follow this policy to stay up to date.

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