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Launch a major review of funding across tertiary education

Last updated: 12:27pm 10 January 2019

To ensure that further, technical and higher education institutions are treated fairly, we will also launch a major review of funding across tertiary education as a whole, looking at how we can ensure that students get access to financial support that offers value for money, is available across different routes and encourages the development of the skills we need as a country.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.53

Our verdict

“Tertiary education” refers to any education after completion of secondary school, including studying for a university degree. As part of its commitment to improve technical education (see related policies below), the government is promising here to review funding across the entire tertiary education sector.

In February 2018, the Prime Minister launched a major review of post-18 education, which includes as one of its four principal strands a commitment “to ensure funding arrangements…are transparent and do not stop people from accessing higher education or training”. The review, chaired by Philip Augar, is set to conclude its work and present its findings in 2019.

The manifesto pledge was to “launch a major review”, so we can consider this policy ‘done’.

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