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Lead global efforts to tackle sexual violence in conflict

Last updated: 11:04am 9 August 2019

And we will continue to lead global efforts to tackle sexual violence in conflict.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.39

Our verdict

In 2014, the UK hosted the world’s largest ever summit on sexual violence in conflict for which over 120 countries participated. The Conservative Party pledged in 2017 to foster global efforts to tackle sexual violence in conflict. In order to evaluate the UK’s involvement in the fight against sexual violence, let’s take a look at the government’s actions and projects worldwide, and funds allocated for this issue.

In different conflict zones around the world, the UK has provided training and assistance to local forces. In Somalia, the country has organised workshops to train Somali National Forces, emphasising on the protection of women and girls against sexual violence.

Through the Conflict and Security Fund, the UK has trained nearly 925 members of local forces and ministries on the issues related to sexual violence in Somalia. In Burma, the government has expanded its support to collect evidence and provide assistance to Rohingya victims of sexual violence.

Additionally, the Special Representative for Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict has announced further increases in the funds allocated  for victims of sexual violence. This aims to send more experts to conflict zones around the world to bring assistance and support to local forces and promote women’s involvements in peace building.

The UK is directly involved through various projects to provide assistance and training to local authorities and has increased its budget to address the issue of sexual violence in war zones. Moreover, in November 2019 the UK is set to host an international conference on sexual violence five years after the previous summit that took place in London. We can therefore consider this policy as ‘in progress’, and will revisit this after the 2019 conference, and considering feedback from campaign groups as to the UK’s role globally. Follow this policy for updates.

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