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Make the new institutes of technology become anchor institutions

Last updated: 10:07am 5 February 2019

Above all, they will become anchor institutions for local, regional and national industry, providing sought-after skills to support the economy, and developing their own local identity to make sure they can meet the skills needs of local employers.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.52

Our verdict

Anchor institutions share three principal characteristics:

  • Spatial immobility – strong ties to the local area
  • Size – large institutions with significant purchasing power
  • Non-profit – they tend to operate not-for-profit

This policy promises that the planned institutes of technology, which the manifesto pledges to establish in every major city in England, will become anchor institutions.

There are four related policies regarding the new institutes of technology (see “Related policies” below). All of those are currently ‘in progress’ because the institutes are not yet established, the first being scheduled to open some time in 2019.

In order to become the important anchor institutions outlined in this policy, the institutes of technology will first need to attain the objectives laid out in all four related policies. Once those are ‘done’ we’ll be able to make an assessment of whether the institutes qualify as anchor institutions. Until then, this policy can only be ‘in progress’. We’ll keep tracking, so follow this policy for updates.

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