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Make legislative changes to support NHS England

Last updated: 05:15pm 24 May 2019

If the current legislative landscape is either slowing implementation or preventing clear national or local accountability, we will consult and make the necessary legislative changes.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.67

Our verdict

Many independent observers depict the NHS as being in a state of crisis, failing to cope with rising demand, and with social care services at breaking point. This policy is about providing the necessary legal support to help the NHS deliver on plans to improve patient care.

Under this government, mechanisms for improving patient care have been outlined in the NHS Long Term Plan, which was published in January 2019. The Long Term Plan also contains a provisional list of legislative changes which are proposed in order to facilitate its implementation.

The proposed legislative changes were set out in greater detail in an “engagement document” in February 2019, as part of a consultation which ran until 25 April 2019.

Alongside the public consultation, the Health and Social Care Committee established an inquiry to scrutinise the legislative proposals which have been put forward.

This policy promised to “consult and make the necessary legislative changes”. The first part of that promise – the consultation – has been fulfilled: the second part – to make legislative changes – is likely to take longer. For now, this is ‘in progress’. We’ll keep tracking to see if new legislation arises and begins to make its way through Parliament. Follow this policy for updates.

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