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Oblige all digital companies to provide digital receipts

Last updated: 12:07pm 13 September 2019

We will oblige all digital companies to provide digital receipts…

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.78

Our verdict

The law governing the sale of goods and services in the UK is contained in the Consumer Rights Act 2015. This policy, to “oblige all digital companies to provide digital receipts”, is essentially a promise to amend the law to make digital receipts (or e-receipts) compulsory when purchases are made online.

The Consumer Rights Act does not actually require any company, digital or otherwise, to provide a receipt unless one is requested, although in practice most do so anyway. This policy is therefore proposing that digital companies are subject to a different standard from that which governs offline purchases.

The biggest change under this government affecting digital purchases has been the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force in the UK in May 2018 under the Data Protection Act 2018. The GDPR provides greater protection of personal data for citizens online.

Far from enforcing the issuing of e-receipts, however, the arrival of the GDPR has fuelled concerns about the extent of their use by both online and offline companies.

We’ve found no new legislation or amendments requiring digital companies to issue digital receipts, and no evidence of plans to legislate on the matter. We’ll need to run this one past the lawyers, but for now this is ‘not started’. Follow this policy for updates.

Take receipt of the details – your statutory rights are not affected!

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