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Prioritise asylum and refuge to people in local countries rather than those who make it to Britain

Last updated: 06:56pm 4 May 2019

Wherever possible, the government will offer asylum and refuge to people in parts of the world affected by conflict and oppression, rather than to those who have made it to Britain.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.40

Our verdict

What we are looking for here is the creation and development of resettlement schemes. These are schemes through which the government hand picks the people it will grant asylum to before they have applied in the UK. They do this often in cooperation with UN Human Rights Agency (UNHCR) which works in refugee camps in third countries – that is, the government selects cases directly from refugee camps in third countries, and after a screening process they organise their arrival and resettlement in the UK. Two such schemes are currently in place: the Gateway Protection Programme and the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme.

Given the lack of any announcements since the last election regarding the future of the resettlement schemes, we are marking this policy as ‘not started’. As soon as we see any evidence of plans to create or expand resettlement schemes, we will mark it ‘in progress’.

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