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Produce the best programme of learning and training in the developed world

Last updated: 05:19pm 12 January 2019

We will in the next parliament produce the best programme of learning and training for people in work and returning to work in the developed world.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.53

Our verdict

This is certainly a bold pledge. It’s also hard to measure. What determines the success or failure of a promise to become the “best in the world” at something? Helpfully, the manifesto outlines several methods by which the government hopes to achieve this goal:

  • a new right to request leave for training
  • a national retraining scheme
  • degree apprenticeships in teaching and nursing
  • a right to lifelong learning in digital skills

We’ve assessed each of those in separate policy verdicts (see the Related policies section below). So far, none of them are rated as ‘done’, although there is movement on more than one.

Consequently, for now, this ambitious policy pledge remains ‘in progress’. If all four related policies reach a status of ‘done’, we’ll definitely revisit this one and consider whether we then have the “best programme…in the developed world”. Follow this policy for updates.

Related Policies

There's always room for debate

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