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Promote and resource our cultural institutions

Last updated: 09:42pm 3 December 2019

The United Kingdom is home to some of the finest cultural institutions in the world. We will continue to promote those institutions and ensure they have the resources they need to amplify Britain’s voice on the world stage and as a global force for good.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.39

Our verdict

The UK’s cultural institutions include museums, galleries and arts festivals. Examples include the National Gallery and the British Museum. These public institutions are funded by the government through the Arts Council England. There are equivalent councils for each country in the UK; Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Arts Council Wales, and Creative Scotland. As a devolved policy area, funding for the arts in the different administrations is determined according to the Barnett Formula. This manifesto pledge is a promise to continue to support and promote our cultural institutions.

Since the general election, the government has continued to financially back the arts councils, which promote and allocate resources to UK cultural institutions. In October 2019, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport announced an additional £250m in funding. Part of this is earmarked for cultural institutions, such as museums and local culture-led projects through the Cultural Development Fund. The funds will also be spent on extending the UK City of Culture initiative.

Moreover, with the extension of the GREAT campaign, marketing Britain as a tourist destination, the government has continued promoting British culture globally.

With evidence of continued financial and promotional support for cultural institutions, we think this policy is ‘done’.

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