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Brexit and Europe Brexit and Europe

Provide certainty and clarity over our future

Last updated: 02:20pm 14 October 2019

We will make sure we have certainty and clarity over our future…

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.36

Our verdict

“Certainty and clarity over our future” is open to very different interpretations depending on what matters most to you. This policy relates to our future after we leave the EU, but the build up to leaving is also a factor in our perception of “certainty and clarity”.

A key aspect of this policy is the EU (Withdrawal) Bill, which the government has described as “designed to ensure that the UK exits the EU with maximum certainty, continuity and control”. The Bill has been passed, but we also need to consider the terms under which we leave the EU.

So far, we know the deal that was agreed in November 2018 has been rejected (three times) by Parliament. So we don’t have a deal. As things stand now, we’ll either leave the EU on October 31st with a new deal, or a further extension will be requested to give more time to consider our options.

Given this is part and parcel of our Brexit negotiations, and with at least the EU (Withdrawal) Bill in place, it would be unfair to say that no work had been done towards this promise. This policy is therefore ‘in progress’. Once we know the conditions for leaving the EU, we can start to analyse to degree to which there is “certainty and clarity over our future”. Follow this policy for updates.

Get ‘certainty and clarity’ from the detail

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