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Provide dignity and protection in old age

Last updated: 03:27pm 24 May 2019

Dignity and protection in old age through the right long-term solution for elderly care.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.62

Our verdict

This is one of a series of broad promises at the start of section four of the manifesto, A Restored Contract Between the Generations. Restoring that contract is taken to mean:

“providing older people with security against ill health while ensuring we maintain the promise of opportunity and prosperity for younger generations”

In pursuit of that objective, this policy is a pledge to provide the right long-term solution for elderly care. The various elements making up the proposed solution are contained in a raft of policies in this section of the manifesto. We’ve looked in greater detail at each of them separately.

Our verdicts for those policies range from ‘not started’ to ‘done’, with several currently ‘in progress’. Using the government’s own criteria, “the right long-term solution for elderly care” requires the completion of all of the above policies. Until then, this one can only be ‘in progress’. We’ll keep tracking the related promises and initiatives, so follow this policy to stay updated.

There's always room for debate

We’re serious about providing clear, up-to-date, non-partisan information. We focus on being consistent and fair in how we reach our verdicts, and always explain our reasoning. But there is always room for debate. So if you see it differently, we’d love you to tell us why. Or even better, submit an edit.