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Provide greater support for teachers in the preparation of lessons and marking

Last updated: 09:21am 14 January 2019

We will provide greater support for teachers in the preparation of lessons and marking, including through the use of technology…

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.51

Our verdict

This government and the previous one have both been concerned with the amount of teacher workload. To help reduce it, the previous government established review groups to investigate issues around planning, marking, and data management. In early 2017, an action plan was published outlining the steps government would take to help reduce teacher workload.

In July 2018, the Department for Education launched a “workload reduction toolkit” for school leaders and teachers, as “part of the department’s action to support schools in reducing workload and to address the drivers of excessive workload at a national level”. The toolkit aims to help schools identify workload issues, address those issues, and then evaluate the impact of steps they have taken.

On this basis we are calling this policy pledge ‘done’. However, the degree to which the toolkit proves genuinely effective at providing support is something we will continue to monitor. Follow this policy for updates.

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