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Rebalance housing growth across the country

Last updated: 02:21pm 20 July 2018

It means not just concentrating development in the south-east but rebalancing housing growth across the country, in line with our modern industrial strategy.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.71

Our verdict

As stated in the government’s manifesto, housing development in the UK is unbalanced, with a focus on development in the south-east instead of trying to encourage housing growth across the whole of the country.

So what’s the government doing to deliver this policy? Well, they’re encouraging investment in areas related to their modern industry policies. They’re doing this by introducing the Housing Infrastructure Fund, which is designed to make sure that there is enough infrastructure in areas (shops, hospitals, roads, public transport, etc) to encourage housing development. This should ensure that private developers have more reason to invest in more isolated locations such as city outskirts and smaller towns.

Given that some action has been taken, we consider this to be ‘in progress’. To determine when this policy will be ‘done’ we’ll be monitoring housing growth across the country and comparing it with that of the south-east in order to determine any change of “balance”. It’s not clear how the government will measure “balance” – this could be based on available land, demand, population, or other criteria – but we’ll be updating this page as we learn more. You can follow this policy to keep up to date.

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