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Reduce asylum claims made in Britain

Last updated: 06:57pm 4 May 2019

We will work to reduce asylum claims made in Britain and, as we do so, increase the number of people we help in the most troubled regions.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.40

Our verdict

It’s important to note one thing about this policy; the aim here is to reduce the number of asylum claims, i.e. applications, not the number of people to whom asylum is granted. We could simply look at the statistics, and see whether the number of asylum claims has decreased – which, according to the government’s figures from September 2017, have gone down by 21% compared to September 2016. However, simply looking at the numbers obscures the fact that a number of factors affect the number of asylum applications made in Britain; it therefore needs to be clarified exactly what has happened as a result of the government’s actions.

One of the ways to reduce asylum claims is to make Britain appear less attractive to asylum seekers (for example, through campaigns directly addressed to potential asylum seekers), or making more attractive offers to asylum seekers, encouraging them to resettle in other countries. To this end, the government can provide money to foreign countries in order to control migration flows to the UK, by encouraging and funding resettlement elsewhere. So far, the government has continued to unblock funding packages for this purpose and has maintained its own resettlement schemes. In light of this, we are marking this policy ‘done’ – however, we will be monitoring the variations in asylum claims and updating this verdict accordingly.

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