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Reform and modernise the home-buying process

Last updated: 08:32am 21 January 2019

A Conservative government will reform and modernise the home-buying process so it is more efficient and less costly.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.59

Our verdict

Buying a property is often the largest investment people make in their lifetime and the government believes the process in England is “not fit for purpose” and is “stressful, time-consuming and costly”. According to research by Which? Mortgage Advisors, buying a house is more stressful than having a child or changing jobs.

This policy is a promise to reform the process, making it cheaper and more efficient.

In October 2017, the government issued a Call for Evidence, seeking responses which would help to develop “firm proposals to inject innovation into the process of home-buying”.

In April 2018, the government response to the Call for Evidence identified three key areas for improvement:

  • a better consumer experience
  • reducing time from offer to completion
  • reducing failed transactions

The response detailed 25 specific actions to be taken by government.

In October 2018, a new working group was announced which has been “tasked with advising government on a new regulatory framework for property agents”. The remit of that working group addresses many of the actions outlined in the April 2018 government response, and its terms of reference leave open the option of addressing “additional matters which in its opinion support the aims…”.

The response to the consultation, the actions proposed, and the establishment of the Regulation of Property Agents Working Group are evidence of the government’s commitment to fulfilling this pledge. We will be monitoring activity on the various actions to see whether we can move this to ‘done’, but for now it is ‘in progress’. Follow this policy to see how things develop.

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