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Replace 13,000 existing technical qualifications with new T-level qualifications

Last updated: 10:17am 14 January 2019

We will start by replacing 13,000 existing technical qualifications with new qualifications, known as T-levels, across fifteen routes in subjects including construction, creative and design, digital, engineering and manufacturing, and health and science.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.52

Our verdict

T level qualifications were first unveiled in 2016 as part of a major overhaul of post-16 technical education to “help turn the country’s highly able young people into the most skilled workforce in the world”. The 13,000 existing qualifications will be replaced by 15 courses providing direct experience and routes into employment, with standards set by employers to ensure their relevance.

The first three T levels were announced in October 2017 by then Education Secretary Justine Greening. Teaching on those courses is due to begin in 2020 with the staggered introduction of the remaining courses up until (and possibly beyond) 2022.

With plenty of movement towards full implementation, this is certainly ‘in progress’. To move this policy to ‘done’ we will need to see all 15 courses being taught, although according to the timetable in the government’s action plan, the final few courses will be delivered after their current term of office ends. Follow this policy to see how things develop!

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