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Review the school admissions policy

Last updated: 12:07pm 10 January 2019

These changes will have a great effect, but alone they cannot overcome the unfairness of selection by house price, where ordinary, working class families find it difficult to access the best schools because they cannot afford to live in the catchment area. We will therefore conduct a review of school admissions policy. We will be clear at the outset that we will never introduce a mandatory lottery-based school admissions policy.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.50

Our verdict

This is a promise to examine the current school admission rules in England, specifically the issue of lower-income families not being able to afford to live in the catchment areas of the best schools. Catchment areas prioritise children who live in that area during the admissions process.

Under the previous government, research from the Department of Education found that “house prices near the best schools are higher than in the surrounding areas for both primary and secondary schools”. So far, the government hasn’t announced a review into admissions policy that addresses this link between property value and school quality.

This promise can only be marked ‘in progress’ once a review of school admissions policy specifically addressing catchment areas is started, or at least announced. Until then, it will remain ‘not started’. Follow this policy to stay up to date.

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