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Savings from school lunches to be added to the core schools budget

Last updated: 12:03pm 10 January 2019

The savings made from this change will be added to the core schools budget, meaning that every penny saved will go towards children’s education.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.52

Our verdict

The manifesto committed the government to a policy of offering “a free school breakfast to every child in every year of primary school” instead of giving free school lunches to all children for the first three years of primary school (see related policy: Free school breakfast to every child in every year of primary school). It made the argument that breakfast is as effective as lunch in helping children make progress in school.

This particular policy is a promise that any savings resulting from the change to free school breakfasts will be added to the core schools budget.

However, in a written answer on 24 July 2017, Robert Goodwill, then Children’s Minister, said:

“As announced by the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the School System on 4 July we will not be pursuing universal breakfasts for primary school children and we will be retaining the existing provision for universal infant free school meals”.

So the breakfast policy was dropped. Given that, it’s impossible that any savings can have been made from the policy. So this promise to add savings to the schools budget has to be considered ‘broken’.

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