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Spend £170 billion on housing, economic infrastructure and R&D during the next parliament

Last updated: 11:07am 29 October 2019

The National Productivity Investment Fund will take total spending on housing, economic infrastructure and R&D to £170bn during the next parliament.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.20

Our verdict

This policy is vast, encompassing spending on housing, economic infrastructure, research and development, as well as the National Productivity Investment Fund (NPIF). To reach a definitive verdict requires resources well beyond those available to us at Policy Tracker. Instead of short-changing readers with a combination of educated guesswork and insufficient research, we’re going to reach out to various organisations with greater expertise, deeper pockets and larger research teams.

We can say for certain that the size of the NPIF (a large fund which distributes monies to various programmes and initiatives) has grown twice since its inception, and in the 2018 Autumn Budget it was raised to £37 billion per year. [The 2019 Budget was recently postponed following government calls for a general election]

Based on the increase in the size of the NPIF, plus the fact that we can state with some confidence that the government is spending at least something on “housing, economic infrastructure and R&D”, we are rating this policy as ‘in progress’. We’ll be updating our verdict when we hear back from the organisations we’re asking for advice. Follow this policy to stay informed.

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