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Strengthen cyber security standards for government and public services

Last updated: 03:00pm 15 December 2018

We will further strengthen cyber security standards for government and public services, requiring all public services to follow the most up to date cyber security techniques appropriate.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.80

Our verdict

The threat from cyber attacks appears to be steadily increasing. The WannaCry cyber attack in May 2017 was the most extensive ransomware attack to date. It severely affected the NHS and led to many tough questions about cyber security in public institutions and across government.

In light of growing challenges, this policy promises to strengthen cyber security standards in government and public services.

Since the election in June 2017, the government has stepped up its implementation of the National Cyber Security Strategy (NCSS). Three areas are of particular relevance for this policy:

Taken collectively, these initiatives demonstrate a commitment to fulfilling this manifesto pledge, so we’re marking this as ‘in progress’. With technology and cyber threats developing rapidly, ensuring that all public services “follow the most up to date cyber security techniques” is a huge challenge – using that as the benchmark, it seems unlikely this policy can ever be moved to ‘done’. We’ll keep monitoring and will consult with independent experts on whether the government has achieved its objective. Follow this policy for updates.

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