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Support a new Edinburgh Concert Hall

Last updated: 09:23am 17 January 2019

And in this 70th Anniversary Year of the Edinburgh Festival we will support the development of the new Edinburgh Concert Hall, reaffirming Edinburgh as the UK’s leading festival city and a cultural beacon around the globe.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.25

Our verdict

The manifesto claims that closing the gap between London and other UK cities is “the biggest prize in Britain today” (see “Related policies” below). This policy is part of the attempt to meet that challenge, promising to support the development of a new Edinburgh Concert Hall.

So, has support been forthcoming? In July 2017, the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal Heads of Terms agreement was signed, committing both the Scottish and UK governments to jointly investing £600 million over the next 15 years in the region. One of the key commitments was “£20 million capital funding for a new world class concert hall”.

In August 2018, the Prime Minister formally signed off on the deal, part of which includes creating “a new 1000-seat Edinburgh concert hall”.

The government has given significant financial backing to the development of an Edinburgh Concert Hall, and we think that constitutes “support”, so we’re marking this policy as ‘done’.

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