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Support audio-visual displays for bus passengers

Last updated: 09:48am 12 November 2019

We will invest in more low-emission buses, as well as supporting audio-visual displays for bus passengers

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.24

Our verdict

According to the government’s A Better Deal for Bus Users guidance, buses are “responsible for around 12 million journeys a day”, and “transport more people than any other form of public transport”. Through this policy, the government is aiming to make bus transport more accessible for passengers with disabilities by improving information displays on bus services.

The key activity has been the government’s announcement in October 2019 of the allocation of £2 million in funding for small bus operators to help them improve their audible and visual on-board information. Supported by the government communication campaign It’s Everyone’s Journey, the funding commitment comes as part of the larger Inclusive Transport Strategy launched in 2018, which aims to provide equal access to the transport network by 2030.

The announcement stated:

“With around 50% of public transport journeys made on buses, this funding will help to ensure that passengers can board more buses with greater confidence, knowing where they are and when to get off”

Given the announcement of this spending, but with no new services yet delivered, it’s fair to say the government has started work to meet its commitment to “support audio-visual displays for bus passengers”. We’re therefore marking it as ‘in progress’. Follow this policy for updates.

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