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Support NHS England’s Five Year Forward View plan

Last updated: 01:29pm 16 May 2019

It is NHS England that determines how best to organise and deliver care in England, set out in its own plan to create a modern NHS – the Five Year Forward View. We support it.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.67

Our verdict

The current strategy for modernising public healthcare in Britain was set in 2014 by the National Health Service (NHS) in the Five Year Forward View. It is based on seven new models of care, to meet the needs of the ageing population and close gaps in quality of health, care and NHS finances. It includes improving emergency care, introducing integrated out-of-hospital care, and developing new models of support for maternity and older people. Some critical elements of the strategy require explicit governmental support, such as investment, public health measures and local service changes. The manifesto committed the government to supporting the Five Year Forward View.

In March 2018, the government issued its mandate to NHS England for 2018-19, setting the budget, objectives and oversight for the health service for the new fiscal year. The document confirmed the government’s commitment to support the Five Year Forward View by increasing spending in real terms each year, so that by 2020-21 the NHS will receive £10 billion more than in 2014-15. From 2017-2018, the NHS budget rose from £110 billion to £114 billion, an increase of about £1 billion when we adjust for inflation.

The government has increased the NHS budget in real terms to support the Five Year Forward View, so this policy is ‘in progress’. It will be updated to ‘done’ if, by 2020-21, the NHS budget has increased by £10 billion since 2014-15 in real terms, which is the ambition outlined in the mandate to NHS England for 2018-19. Follow this policy to stay up to date.

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